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About Resecure

Resecure is the "Internet & Network Security" arm of Starware group. With a history of 8 years in the Middle East through our 4 branches we have the advantage of arising in the cradle of the Arab World, and this enables us to compete with the biggest world firms in our field. This is simply because we're following the methods of tracing human errors of both Arab and foreign developers. And this is what the majority of the world competing firms miss.
Our partners always assure the necessity of tracing the environment where a network (Web or LAN) exists. So we compel ourselves to understand the nature of this environment to achieve perfection. We have to trace and interpret the methods and styles of the developers in that area to know how they think.
Our main focus is on the human errors because more than 75% of the attacks last year were due to those human mistakes. So, we've to follow this trend curly.
Moreover, In a quite short time Starware® was able to build a very strong base of clients, which could be described as pillars of internet and networks in the Middle East.
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