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Awareness Courses

Organization's people, information, operations, and systems are critical assets. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets is essential to maintain the profitability, compliance, public image, and  competitiveness.
Companies face threats to their employees, systems, operations, and information every day. These threats include computer viruses, network attacks, fraud, industrial espionage, and even natural disasters. Normally the companies implement tools and procedures for protection against these threats and to comply with laws and regulations. But unfortunately, even the best tools and procedures can be defeated by a user who is unaware how to use them, or how important security is... more

Ethical Hacking

Often performed by white hats or skilled computer experts, it is the use of programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in computer systems.
While the non-ethical hacker or black hat exploits these vulnerabilities for mischief, personal gain or other reasons, the ethical hacker evaluates them, points them out, and may suggest changes to systems that make them less likely to be penetrated by black hats.
White hats can work in various ways. Many companies utilize ethical hacking services from consultants or full-time employees to keep their systems and information as secure as possible... more

Secure Coding

Secure coding is the practice of writing programs that are resistant to attack by malicious or mischievous people or programs. It helps protecting a user's data from theft or corruption.
In addition, an insecure program can provide access for an attacker to take control of a server or a user's computer, resulting in anything from a denial of service to a single user to the compromise of secrets, loss of service, or damage of the systems of thousands of users.
History has proven that software defects, bugs and logic flaws are consistently the primary cause of commonly exploited software vulnerabilities... more

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