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What is penetration testing and why should you do it?

Penetration testing is a live test of the security defenses of a network.
Our team of specialists uses techniques and exploits that real-life hackers would use to simulate the results of an attack.
Penetration testing helps an organization determine its level of Network Applications security, vulnerability and identify weak elements that need repair.
It can aid in evaluating an organization’s detection and response capabilities as well as determining whether the proper controls are in place.
We have found that most Network, Applications have vulnerabilities serious enough to allow the network to be completely compromised,
but most of these vulnerabilities can be identified, addressed and corrected through penetration testing.
For most organizations the risks of not identifying serious security flaws are infinite and the losses can be enormous.
Penetration testing is an established technique for the live testing of Network Applications security.
Many organizations use penetration testing on a regular continuous basis to evaluate their security status.
Star-Ware Team keeps up-to-date with the most recent exploits and vulnerabilities.
Since new exploits are discovered daily, IS managers and network security administrators need to be continuously vigilant.
Penetration testing is a valuable testing, auditing and evaluation tool.
For some organizations network security is an important marketing element.
In these cases, having a comprehensive audit by an external third party, such as Star-Ware, can provide a sense of objectivity and reliability to the analysis.

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